About Qeo

Qeo is the revolutionary communication framework from QEO LLC that interconnects devices and applications of all brands. Today's connected home is fragmented. Several factors lead to complexity rather than simplicity: diverse networks, multiple platforms, multiple technologies and ecosystems, a plethora of devices, and in and out of home access to different clouds.

Qeo is a communication framework made of a core set of modules from which can be developed fully-fledged software solutions for consumer devices in order to realize a full interoperability between them. Some of these modules can also be added to existing software solutions to maximize interconnections.

The QEO Open Source Project is made available under the Clear BSD license terms and the majority of the QEO Open Source Project components are therefore licensed under the Clear BSD license terms.While the QEO Open Source Project will strive to adhere to the Clear BSD license terms, there may be some components subject to other Open Source Software license terms, as set forth in the associated Copying and/or License files. Go here for the licensing information.

Qeo LLC partners with Technicolor Delivery Technologies to bring you an SDK for developing Qeo-based solutions on Android, iOS and Native platforms. If you want to have more information or support for developing such solutions, and using this SDK. Technicolor has made it available through is Partners Alliance website. Go here to get access.

Copyright (c) 2014 - QEO LLC

Contact: Qeo-Support@Technicolor.com